Project code: PNII-PT-PCCA-2013-4-1474; Contract: 127/2014

PN II program: Parteneriate Ón Domenii Prioritare, Direcția de Cercetare: 4. Sănătate.

The behavior of oral mesenchymal cells in relationship with a new resin composite material in modern regenerative periodontal therapy -STEMDENT

STEMDENT aims to develop a new application of modern regenerative periodontal therapies through investigation of the insights on oral MSC behaviour in relationship with environmental factors (new resin composite material), and some biologic characteristics of the host.

The objectives of STEMDENT are:

 to develop investigation sets for evaluating the oral MSCs' behaviour in relationship with risk factors;

 to develop/ characterize a new nanohybrid composite material;

 to develop standardised combined muco-gingival surgical/ restorative therapies for gingival recessions/cervical abrasions based on experimental evaluation of the behaviour of the oral MSCs in relationship with the new and other nanohybrid composites† and the host biological characteristics;

 to upgrade the understanding and use of the research results;

  to develop an informational space in the domain of periodontics/ chemistry;

 to disseminate the results of the standardized treatment at European standards.

Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Roman